Tools worth noting

Things I’m still looking for –

  • Private personal assistant – even if it was dumb. just some sort of natural language processing for calendars, alerts, emails, to-dos… Key feature is that is answers to me, not google/apple/facebook whoever.

Things I love to use:

(Not a very unique list)

Updated in 2016 and 2021 and it’s amazing how many of these packages I’ve been using for 5, 10, 15 years now.

Irfanview – Fast image viewing and simple manipulation


Bitwarden has replaced lastpass

Foobar 2000 – Fast, lightweight media player with customizable layout. Minimizes to the taskbar.

F.lux – Adjusts the colour temperature of my screen at night (like right now).

7Zip – Because sometimes people rename .rar files to .zip and tell me they ‘changed the format.’

Notepad ++ – Even supports MapBasic format highlighting, with some tweaking.

Hosting: RIP NoSupportLinuxHosting. Using HawkHost now.

Backblaze – unlimited backup for 60$ year. No more losing photos for me!