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  • Baby tunes

    So, here’s a first for me – a post about a finished project. Well, OK, not finished but in production at least. Friday night the radio in the nursery kicked it. I think the warranty has expired. I’ve been meaning to make a headless RasBMC player anyway, so I distracted the baby with the box…

  • I love this picture.

  • Garrett Singing

    Testing out the new HTML5 video player. Let me know how it works 😉 He sings like this all the time, what a little songbird 🙂  

  • Arrivals

    We’ve into bigger digs to make room for our growing family. Unfortunately, that no more Diyode, just when I finally have the space to put it to better use 🙁 Along with my already established motion sensor monitor project, I’d like to see something like a wearable temperature sensor – Maybe an Adafruit Gemma with…

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    Baby in ~T-50? -Jamie