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  • Fake raid metadata

    Thanks to this guy I finally got my 1tb disk initialized to use in my raid array – it had some garbage about being attached to another raid that I couldn’t remove or overwrite, so I finally plugged it into a usb dock and into my linux laptop and used dd to wipe the first…

  • Acer E3 111

    I picked up a new acer laptop last weekend for 170$ from Canada Computers. On one hand, the keyboard is crap, it’s a bit slow, the screen has poor viewing angles and the wifi is a bit flakey. On the other, it was 170$, the screen is minimally adequate, battery life is decent, has usb3,…

  • Zombies got me

    Game night with Fonz et al at his friend’s cottage.

  • Out of office

    Testing out mobile posts… Got out for a bike ride down along the waterfront. Some nights just aren’t meant for productivity.